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Anchor Mahjong
Summer is upon us and there is no time better to get out on the water and enjoy the ocean or lake with Anchor Mahjong. One of six great layouts on 4th of July, this fun game is sure ...
February 20th 2013 Freeware    2,611k
Anchor CRM
Increase sales with effective customer relationship management software - Anchor CRM. This application helps businesses gather detailed information about customers, track their preferences and requests, have reports about previous complaints, discover trends and buying patterns, and develop marketing campaigns. Another ...
February 26th 2004 Shareware    883k
Anchor CRM
Increase sales with effective customer relationship management software - Anchor CRM. This application helps businesses gather detailed information about customers, track their preferences and requests, have reports about previous complaints, discover trends and buying patterns, and develop marketing campaigns. Another ...
August 27th 2004 Shareware    880k
Copy Link Name
Copy Link Name provides an extension which copies the name (source anchor) of a link.

Copies the name (source anchor) of a link. Just a small extension that adds a context menu item to copy a link's source anchor.

Example: Copy Link ...
January 20th 2011 Freeware    10k
STOIK Stitch Creator
Cross-Stitching Made Simple STOIK Stitch Creator makes turning your pictures into cross-stitch masterpiece a breeze. You can convert any picture or photograph into a cross-stitch pattern, or create your very own cross-stitch charts from scratch by using tools like virtual ...
March 26th 2013 Shareware    10,271k
SiteVerify is a simple tool to check the anchor tags (links) and images on your website, to see if they are valid. Each webpage is fetched and links are extracted and coloured in one of four colors: Blue - Urls ...
February 25th 2013 Freeware    63,898k
Marine clock screensaver
Imagine that you are cross the sea on a boat, and all you have is piece of map and an anchor that shows the time! This screensaver is for all hungry for adventures and have a great power of imagination.Requirements: ...
June 16th 2013 Freeware    1,362k
Millennium Digger for PocketPC (ARM)
There is no risk to bet that you know enough about the good old Digger. In the mid-80ies of the last century this genuine game masterpiece captivated the minds of the players all over the world. The Digger is back! ...
November 28th 2002 Shareware  5 stars 1k
New low price! Now only $49.99 to buy. CrossEyes is an add-in which 'REVEALS the CODES' in MS WORD. Save time and stop frustration when working with Word documents. Word shows you WHAT you will get when you print your ...
May 10th 2004 Shareware  5 stars 7,309k
IntelligentProfi le
IntelligentProfile is an ideal software tool for people who have
to fill out various webforms.

And it does not matter whether you have to perform this task once a month
or several times on a daily basis – IntelligentProfile fully ...
October 3rd 2003 Shareware    1,099k
PM Stitch Creator
Load image file, scan photo, or download pictures from digital camera. Program will automatically convert them to a stitch pattern designed for a specified floss brand, cloth and stitch type. Stitch patterns can be edited manually with virtual needle and ...
January 29th 2004 Shareware    9,346k
SHARM [Self Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine] is a software tool that helps you explore and experience relaxation, self-hypnosis and altered states of consciousness.

Select from many predefined sessions, or define your own sessions to suit your needs and preferences.

Use ...
May 20th 2008 Shareware  5 stars 24,504k
RADvolution Designer - Standard Edition
The easy way to design and maintain professional .NET forms in no-time.

Ever dreamed of a correct layout at once? Just by dropping controls? Without any layout panels? Just imagine: no more hassle with aligning, tab orders and anchors! And still ...
December 6th 2004 Shareware    4,674k
FireTuneUp is a tuning utility for Mozilla Firefox webbrowser. It was developed to combine both tuning and optimizing features to increase the speed of Firefox. Multilanguage support. FireTuneUp bundles more than 30 different tweaks (Profile support, Performance tweaks, Location bar ...
April 22nd 2005 Shareware    848k
BackLinks Master
Reciprocal linking is a crucial part of web promotion. But it is also important to check the backlinks to see if they still point to your site, what anchor text they have, are these links direct or indirect, etc. Do ...
October 6th 2005 Freeware    1,176k
FlashChat Module Pack
This set of add-ons to <a target=_blank href.php>FlashChat</a> include: an MP3 player, a web radio player, a banner ad rotator, a text ads/announcements module, an admin module, and an early release of the audio/video module.

100% of the Flash 2004 Professional ...
January 22nd 2006 Shareware    3k
FlyingSpace PCE
FlyingSpace PCE is an expert to comment in the picture for the software developer, Book producer and publication producer. It's convenient, smart and it can do the work intelligently or in batches, it also supports the Multilanguage. It's constituted with ...
January 23rd 2006 Shareware    11,106k
WebLink SEO Software
WebLink SEO is a powerful software package that enables you to analyze your competitor's websites and promote your website on the Internet to generate improved search engine results. Search Engine Optimization used to be a time-consuming and difficult process, but ...
September 10th 2006 Shareware  5 stars 18,750k
Linking The Web
"Linking The Web" is a free utility that regularly monitors all backlinks to your sites. If some of the links don't exist, contain wrong anchor, are covered by a "nofollow" flag or hidden by robots.txt then you will be immediately ...
July 5th 2008 Freeware    780k
Aleo Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker
Aleo Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker is an easy and fast way to make Flash photo gallery, video gallery, photo slideshow, photo pan & zoom Ken Burns effects, rotating Flash banner. It features a wizard style user interface and does not ...
June 16th 2009 Shareware  5 stars 5,901k
Directory Dominator
An easy to use directory submission software tool used to help build one way links to your website. Find niche categories within directories that accept fast website inclusions. Boosts search engine rankings and Google PageRank with desired anchor text and ...
November 24th 2009 Demo    446k
GSA Search Engine Ranker
You have to do a lot manual webpage optimization and build many backlinks to dominate search engines and be on top with your keyword. While the webpage optimization is more or less easy to do, building backlinks is more complicated. ...
February 25th 2012 Shareware    14,452k
RateIt is a GUI tool for performing subjective testing of audio samples based on the MUltiple Stimuli with Hidden Reference and Anchor (MUSHRA) methodology as specified in ITU-R recommendation BS.1534-1.

This project is dual-licensed under the General Public License (GPL) and ...
February 12th 2011 Freeware    31k
Uppity is a Firefox extension which allows you to navigate up one level (directory).

It will remove an in-page anchor, the querystring, the file, and the last directory in that order, whichever is first found.

Do not forget to put the button ...
November 27th 2011 Freeware    20k
PolyAnim for Mac
PolyAnim is a free and open source Java library for animations consisting of groups of 2d polygons. PolyAnim is mainly intended for animated game sprites, not for movies really.

Here are some key features of "PolyAnim":

Animation features:
· Building animations using ...
October 2nd 2011 Freeware    1,915k
All-Time Sudoku
The game offers you a new version of the classical game Sudoku with detailed and considerable graphic. In the meantime Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games at all!If you should not progress one you can enable the ...
June 1st 2011 Shareware    7,168k
Backlink Pro Directory Submitter
Backlink Pro Directory Submitter is a state of the art linking machine. Here's what it does in a nutshell:Finds thousands of backlink enabled sites based on the keyword(s) you select. It will Posts links on these sites with any variation ...
July 23rd 2011 Freeware    412k
MixSense DJ Studio
mixSense DJ Studio is software for digital DJ's that demand the best DJ experience possible from their PC's. Using the latest technology combined with years of audio software engineering experience, mixSense is the ideal DJ application for LIVE performances. *** ...
January 16th 2011 Freeware    2,181k
Directory Inclusion
Directory Inclusion is a directory submission tool that features niche and general web directories that will help increase link popularity and make it easier to obtain high search engine rankings. This semi automatic website promotion software features a database of ...
January 10th 2013 Demo    494k
iText Tutorials
iText Programming Tutorials. Example code and detail explanation on how to generate Adobe PDF document with iText API. Example of AcroForm, bookmark, anchor, insert images, generate PDF with Java App, JSP or Servlet, create PDF table and etc.
March 11th 2013 Freeware    2,096k
Related Scripts
Auto Anchor List
Creates anchor links to heading tags in the content and displays them automatically at the top of the content, or allows for custom placement with tags or sidebar widget.Features: 1. Has option to auto display anchor links to Heading tags ...
January 26th 2013 Freeware    10k
Anchor Links Plugin
This plugin provides you to add a summary in the top of article, using article's tags. It also add a "Go to top page" link in each tags.You can put all the anchor links inside the article wherever you want ...
February 26th 2013 Freeware    10k
Wordpress Related Posts
The links are added with your own anchor text.InstallationUnpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Requirements: · WordPress up to 2.5.1
May 9th 2012 Freeware     
jQuery Superbox!
jQuery Superbox! is a script which allows you display windows with the lightbox effect.This script is a plugin for jQuery (1.3.x).Why create a new script of this kind, when many exist already? * Accessibility. only the rel attribute is used ...
January 3rd 2013 Freeware    20k
Remote Linking
Thanks to some CSS positioning tricks, we can actually have two different page elements in two different areas of the page use the same anchor link and react to the same hover event. Pretty cool effect that uses nothing but ...
March 2nd 2013 Freeware    20k
Pareto surface navigator
This builds a navigation GUI for navigating n-dimensional convex Pareto surfaces interactively. It requires linprog from theoptimization toolbox, but can probably be replaced easily with a free version. The linear programs solved during navigation are very small and easy. It ...
May 16th 2013 Freeware    133k
Easy Smooth Scroll Links
This plugin will enable you to easily create Page Anchors and add smooth scrolling effect to links that point to Page Anchors,instead of "jumping" to them. Easy Smooth Scroll Links WordPress Plugin is extremely useful for setting up a menu ...
March 30th 2013 Shareware    82k
xtickinterval, ytickinterval
XTICKINTERVAL and YTICKINTERVAL set the tick spacing of the selected axis to a specified interval. If the axis limits change, either at the user's direction or due to the addition or deletion of plot objects, the ticks are automatically recalculated ...
February 6th 2013 Shareware    10k
ne target Localization
Here, we consider only the distance based localization of a single target. There are N anchor nodes in the system and one mobile node, we use the measured distances and we find the location of the mobile throughmultilateration.
April 8th 2013 Shareware    10k
Commission Junction SID Plugin
Take control of tracking your conversions on Commission Junction with the CJ SID Plugin for Joomla! 1.5! Tracking conversions has always been a challenge for publishers in affiliate programs. Fortunately, CJ offers a way to collect a little more information ...
June 7th 2013 Freeware    10k
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